The Ways of Mages series by Andrew Beery, Catherine Beery

The Ways of Mages series by Andrew Beery, Catherine Beery (#2-#4)
Requirements: Epub reader, 1.1 Mb
Overview: Can faith, love, honor, intrigue and magic cross a thousand years to save a kingdom from the ravages of evil ambition? Jewel Holden is the orphaned daughter of a king… but her heritage is far more noble! She, along with a close group of friends, control the fate of a kingdom and ultimately the very world. The Ways of Mages is a story of good versus evil with an often humorous and decidedly ethical world view. No one is beyond redemption… not even a dragon.
Genre: Fantasy


Two Worlds (The Ways of Mages #2)
“When the blood of Kings, Mages and Dragons mix in love and again in lust will the beginning meet the end…” What happens when you play with time? Jewel Al’Dap-Holden and her companions find out as they forge their way to Grim’s aid. The newly minted king of Pershara finds himself in one of life’s dark pits. Can faith, love, honor, and magic help him climb back out and perhaps make new friends? And to what lengths will the Dark Lords go to master the world?
Book two in this fast, fun and exciting series continues the adventures of Jewel, Grim, Bendon and Perela… as well as introducing a whole new world.

Starfire (The Ways of Mages #3)
Evil sundered the world and shattered the pieces. So Jewel Al’Dap-Holden learns through a series of unfortunate events. In the oldest of accounts on the Island of Grinley is told a people with magic similar to the Dragons of old, but with a power no dragon or mage could describe. A power that could help save the world from evil. This people came from the legendary land of Arathin. But Arathin has problems of its own…

The Three Swords (The Ways of Mages #4)
A thousand years ago Robert Kimbridge had been the most skilled healer in all of Pershara. But then one he counted as a friend betrayed him. This betrayer held an unusual sword, one that Robert kept once he gained his freedom. A sword of magic with a name it refused to share. For an age it followed his lead and powered his inventions in silence… Till now.
The Sword of the Blessed shattered at the same time that Arathin did, heralding the coming Darkness. The Dark Lords are closer to achieving their goal than ever before. Their dreams of a conquered creation becoming more real. Their Child of the Dark will soon blacken the world. And with Arathin about to continue its war, Pershara finds itself lost in the encroaching shadows.
The Sword of the Created shattered under the Catalyst as well, its magic and faith lost to the winds. Even so, hope refuses to die. The pieces are waiting to be found. The Child of the Light is closer than anyone thinks and the Three of Three begin to reveal themselves in this great time of need. The question is: who will find them first?

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