The Weight Of It All Series by J.J. Thorn

The Weight Of It All Series by J.J. Thorn (3-4)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 362 KB
Overview:Author creating realistic and engaging LitRPG Fantasy stories.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


3. Everwood – Into the Everwood, Prep’s Dungeon Dive is here! Closing towards the end of Prep, Terrence and his team are now working harder than ever to Rank Up and progress in their Affinities.
When an old acquaintance decides to stand in their way, will the team be able to deal with the threat? Packs of monsters will stand in their way, but will their fellow students be their most significant burden to overcome?
For Tom and his group, the death of their friend is only the beginning. They’re ready to leave the Dungeon for good, but will the Dungeon let them?
Will Omar, the leader of the expedition?

4. Collapse – The tournament finals are starting, and the group’s hard work has finally paid off. Fierce fights await, but they’ve proven time and again that they have what it takes to push through the pressure. They’ve trained, they’ve Ranked up, and they’re ready.
But when a catastrophe hits, no amount of hard work could have ever prepared them.
Preparations are done and war is coming – will Terrence be able to protect himself OR his family from the world around him?
What happens if your life and everything you knew is blown away within moments.

3. Everwood Link  

4. Collapse Link  

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