Twisted Luck Series by Mel Todd

Twisted Luck Series by Mel Todd (1-2, 5)
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Overview:Mel Todd Currently residing in Georgia with three cats – who tolerate her – she writes her own version of Urban Science Fiction. If you’re looking for science, aliens, invasions, explosions, and maybe a touch of magic in some series, you’ve found the right author.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. My Luck – I’m not a mage, but that won’t stop me.
Cori Catastrophe. They call me that sometimes, and I hate to admit it, but it isn’t wrong. Things go weird around me. Electronics die, things break, and if something odd happens, I seem to find it. Finding another dead body just made me late to work.
Nothing will stop me from getting my degree, getting a job, and getting away from this tiny town – though leaving my best friend will hurt more than anything else. Reality seems determined to make reaching my goals impossible. The dead guy had my name in his pocket, my best friend emerges as an archmage, and my parents – well let’s just say leaving them behind is one of the best parts of getting away.
So be it. Not being a mage means I’ll have to struggle to succeed. No matter how weird things get, I’ll make it. I lost my brother and I’ll probably lose my best friend to the world of magic. All I can do is depend on myself.
But with my luck, that might be difficult.

2. Hired Luck – New city, new job, new threat?
With my best friend going to college to learn how to use her magic, I’m job hunting in Atlanta. We’re sharing an apartment and I’ve never been happier. The last thing I needed was to be involved in a murder investigation. Now the police are sure I had something to do with it. News alert: I don’t. I’ve got a job, Jo’s going school. I finally am on the track to have my own life.
Working as an EMT is great, but something weird happened at work. Something I can’t explain. What if I’m wrong and I am a mage? The last thing I want is to be a mage, it would mean I’d lose everything I’ve been working for. Even if I am a mage, I’d be a low ranking one, a hedgemage, something that means I can keep my current life.
But I can’t get the dead girl out of my mind. Who was she and why did she die? What good are my skills if all I do is keep finding dead people? With a serial killer out there, the police and FBI stepping in, I might lose more than the life I had planned. I might lose my life. Once again my luck holds true and I’m in the middle of something I don’t know how to deal with.

5. Drafted Luck – Draft here I come, ready or not.
Doctorate achieved! Now time to pay off my mandatory service obligation to the government. The same government that may, or may not, be trying to occasionally kill me. But hey a job is a good thing, right?
I didn’t expect it to be all rainbows and sprinkles, but neither did I envision being thrown in with a training group of misfits and potential criminals. How did I end up having to make decisions to let someone die, or try to prevent it, when keeping them alive is breaking the law.
You’d think with my skills they’d put me in a quiet lab somewhere. No, I get stuck with the Department of State and working with Japan. Don’t these people read? Japan wants to kill me even more than my own government. But when Carelian decides the Dragon of China needs a friend my personal problems get eclipsed by international incidents, centered around me.
Being a trouble magnet is one thing, starting World War III is something else. How in the world do I get myself into these situations? And why didn’t they just stick me somewhere where I wouldn’t be the center of political drama?
Having twisted luck is one thing, how do I broker peace between three countries that all want to use me?

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5. Drafted Luck  

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