When Blood Meets Magic by Willow Morgan

When Blood Meets Magic (Blood Magic Saga #1) by Willow Morgan
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 379 kB
Overview: Isabo McCleod is a Witch with a propensity to speak before she thinks, a habit of inserting her nose where it doesn’t belong, and an unapologetic love for John Hughes films. She is also next in line to rule the supernatural races, which may sound glamorous, but really just involves a lot of paperwork and luncheons, although, it can be a bit stressful at times.
Especially when humans keep turning up dead, and each gruesome killing appears to be the work of a different supernatural race.
A power balance established centuries ago is on the precipice, and with each day the murders go unsolved, the stability inches closer to the edge. The humans are terrified. The supernaturals are scrambling. With a sea of protesters gathering against her father, Isabo finally finds the thread to unravel the case, if she could only get Detective Montgomery to listen. Having been so determined to end this, she didn’t stop to think of the ramifications and aftermath of what would happen if the killer turned out to be someone she trusted.
Genre: Urban Fantasy


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