Witch P.I. Mystery Series by Adele Abbott

Witch P.I. Mystery Series by Adele Abbott (#15-16, 18-41)
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Overview: Adele Abbott is a UK author with an addiction to custard cream biscuits. Adele writes mysteries with a touch of magic and a whole lot of snark.
Genre: Mystery


15. Witch Is Why Another Door Opened
16. Witch Is Why Two Became One
18 . Witch Is Why The Wolf Howled
19. Witch Is Why The Music Stopped
20. Witch Is Why A Pin Dropped
21. Witch Is Why The Owl Returned
22. Witch Is Why The Search Began
23. Witch Is Why Promises Were Broken
24. Witch is Why It Was Over
25. Witch is How Things Had Changed
26. Witch Is How Berries Tasted Good
27. Witch is How The Mirror Lied
28. Witch is How The Tables Turned
29. Witch is How The Drought Ended
30. Witch is How The Dice Fell
31. Witch Is How The Biscuits Disappeared
32. Witch Is How Dreams Became Reality
33. Witch is How Bells Were Saved
34. Witch Is How To Fool Cats
35. Witch is How To Lose Big
36. Witch is How Life Changed Forever
37. Witch Is Where Magic Lives Now
38. Witch Is Where Clowns Go To Die
39. Witch Is Where Squirrels Go Nuts
40. Witch Is Where Rainbows End
41. Witch Is Where Unicorns Cry

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41. Witch Is Where Unicorns Cry 

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